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Limits to the Creator system

The Creator system has several restrictions on it which make it not suited for production environments. If you are looking for a Enterprise grade RTLS, please contact us.

Limits to the total update rate

The maximum update rate is 60 Hz in total, which is divided by the number of tags that you have in use.

Limits to the coverage area

The area that you can cover is limited: A tag can store a maximum of 16 anchors in its memory, and it calculates its position using the anchors that are stored in its memory. In theory you could write code to change the anchors in memory on the fly, based on the current position of the tag, but depending on your tag situation this might not be a possibility at all: When you're using a single tag you only have to account for the position of that tag, but when you're using multiple tags you'll have to do this remotely from the master tag, and all tags will have to travel in group as they need to stay in range of the master tag orchestrating this. Orchestrating these anchor swaps in the memory of a tag remotely from the master tag will also cause UWB overhead, which might affect the maximum update rate that you can achieve.

Note: This is all in theory, we have never done this or tested this (and we're also not planning on doing this).

Limited support

There are no support contracts available for the Creator system, which means that only support via email is available and this is handled on a best effort basis.

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