Using the Anchor planning tool, you can add anchors to your floorplan and get a rough indication of the expected positioning accuracy. In general, the most accurate positioning requires that the tag is surrounded by anchors in all directions. It is for this reason, that we recommend placing an anchor in each corner of the room you want to cover.

For the optimal results, we propose as a general rule that there should be 1 anchor each 10 m (1 anchor/100 m²). However, this can vary depending on the environment. In some occasions it can be more or less, but we recommend a maximum anchor separation of 20 m. Further, it is very important that the anchors have line-of-sight to each other.

To visualize the expected positioning accuracy, you should turn on the HDOP for planned anchors in the layers panel. HDOP stands for Horizontal Dilution of Precision and factors in the geometry of your setup to determine accuracy. The HDOP does not take into account any walls or obstructions.

To speed up the planning process, you can auto-generate an anchor plan, simply by pressing the ‘Auto-generate anchor placement’ button. This however requires that you have defined a positioning area such that the system knows where it is possible to place anchors. Note that this is not perfect, and always requires some manual fine-tuning.

You can print out the anchor placement plan to give to a technician if needed. This can be done on the bottom of the layers panel.