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This page describes the requirements for cables used during installation and proposes some Pozyx approved cables. Last update .

For projects we refer to the installation guidelines document that is shared by the project manager

Cable requirements

The cables should be:

When using the IP67 header, there’s an additional constraint on the cable diameter
For the cable to be compatible with the grommets, the cable diameter should be between 5.2 mm to 5.6mm

A requirement that does not influence the quality is the usage of the T568B internal wiring standard It is of great importance that the connectors on the cables are properly fixed and tested with a cable tester.

Cable recommendations

Below a list of cables that fulfil all the aforementioned requirements is given.

Cable recommendations with IP20 header or no header

Cable recommendations with IP67 header

When using the header, make sure the connectors are small enough. With large connectors, the cable will be damaged when placing the header on the anchor. In general we would recommend this connector Please make sure to verify that this connector is compatible with the chosen cable.

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