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Differences between the local and cloud application

There are some minor differences between the local and cloud application that should be taken into account when considering how to access the application. The differences are listed on this page:

User related features

User management is not possible on the local application. On the cloud application, each user needs to login on a valid Pozyx account with username and password. The owner of the setup can assign either an owner manager or guest role to the user in order to restrict access. This is not possible for the local application at the moment, anyone that knows the IP address of the uplink interface and is connected to the same local network can connect to the application with full rights. For local applications, carefully choose who can physically access the gateway or the uplink VLAN.

Some other user related features which are not included in the local webapp are:

  • Feedback

  • Changing your password

  • Switching to a different setup

  • Log out

Cloud user features

Local user features


On the local webapp, the Cloud API page is not available. This page is used to gain access to the MQTT cloud API and contains the username and topic needed for the connection


On the local webapp, the Validation setup step is not available.

Software Updates

Both the Gateway and Anchors update pages are different on the local application since the both of those updates require an internet connection.

Gateway update page:

Anchor update page:

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