The settings from our tags can be changed through our Device Configurator. It can be used to change the tag’s positioning protocol (TDOA or TWR), its ID, its UWB settings, and its positioning parameters such as update rate and more.

For Mini tags (now discontinued), Wearable tags, and Industrial tags this is done via NFC in combination with our NFC reader:

For Developer tags this is done via USB.



  1. Download the installer here.

  2. Simply double click the installer! The installer also includes the option to install the USB driver that is necessary to configure the developer tags.

If you are on a recent version of Windows, microsoft defender could throw a warning when trying to install. Choose ‘more info' so that the ‘Run anyway’ button appears, and then press it to install the software.

For some systems installing the usb driver does not work. If this happens the driver can be downloaded directly from, where you can get the latest software.


Our NFC readers don't always work plug-and-play with MacOS, so the MacOS version has been made unavailable while we investigate the issue.


  1. Download the AppImage here.

  2. Make sure to have permissions set to use the serial device:

    • To get permission once (given your device is on port ACM0) you can run sudo chmod 666 /dev/ttyACM0

    • To get permission forever you can run sudo adduser $USER dialout or the relevant group for your distro.

  3. You may need to still set the binary as executable, which can be done either through the file properties or by running chmod +x ~/Downloads/device-configurator-1.3.6.appimage.

  4. When this is done, you can run the AppImage as a standalone app.