Now that the gateway is up and running we can start with the anchors. Going to the setup page in the Pozyx web application, you can see the recommended installation flow:

  1. Planning: The planning steps take place before the physical installation of the anchors
    1. Floor plan: In the floor plan step you will upload and configure your floor plan. A floor plan will give meaning to the location of the tags on the visualization
      Highly recommended
    2. Zones: In the zones step you can draw zones on your floor plan which can be used for location based triggers
    3. Anchor planning: In this step you can plan the placement of your anchors to get a first theoretical prediction of the performance
  2. Rollout: The rollout steps take place after the physical installation of the anchors
    1. Anchor connectivity: In the anchor connectivity step you will be able to see whether your anchors are connected properly
    2. Anchor coordinates: In this step you will set the anchor coordinates
  3.  Validation: The validation steps will validate the positioning performance of your setup 
    1. Recordings: Start a recording that can then be used to generate a performance report
    2. Reports: Generate a performance report from a recording

For each step, a small wizard is available with information. To view the wizard again, simply click the i-icon in the upper right corner:

Changing the scale or the rotation of your floor plan will NOT automatically transform the coordinates of your anchors, planned anchors or defined zones. We therefore recommend you configure your floor plan before configuring anything else.