Anchors & tags limits

Our basic Enterprise license allows you to use up to 6 anchors and to position up to 6 tags. This license has no recurring fee and is included with every Enterprise kit. Licenses which allow you to use more anchors and position more tags are available on a yearly billed basis.
If you have more anchors then your license allows you to have, then these additional anchors will be disabled and will show a Not in use warning. Enabling one anchor will disable another anchor:

Similarly, if you have more tags than your license allows, these additional tags will not be positioned:

The tags will be marked with a Maximum number of tags reached warning.

Viewing your license

You can find the details and limits of your license on the License key page:

Updating your license

If you’re connected to the cloud and you renew a license (or buy additional features), your license will automatically be updated in your gateway. If you are not connected to the cloud you will receive a license from our sales team which you will have to insert manually. You can do this by pressing the License key button on the License key page1:

1 When you use our cloud web application you can view your license key but you can’t update it manually.