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Triggers data structure

Each trigger contains a JSON data structure with several fields. The meaning of each field is explained below. The trigger data structure will differ a bit from event to event.

Field definitions

id : string

The id of the registered event. : string

The ID of the tag that triggered the event. The tag ID can be set through the Pozyx Device Configurator (, and can also be found in the web application.

payload.tag.coordinates.x : number

The x-coordinate of the tag, expressed in mm.

payload.tag.coordinates.y : number

The y-coordinate of the tag, expressed in mm.

payload.tag.coordinates.z : number

The z-coordinate of the tag, expressed in mm.

payload.tag.labels.text : string

The label of the tag.

payload.tag.labels.color : string

The color of the label of the tag expressed in hex color code : string

The identifier of the zone on which the trigger is configured : string

The name of the zone on which the trigger is configured. The zone name can be set through the web application

payload.type : string

The type of event that occurred.

payload.timstamp : number

The timestamp of when the position was calculated in Epoch time. You can convert it to a more human readable time with the following snippet:

import datetime

ts = datetime.datetime.fromtimestamp(1616424015.121358).strftime('%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S')

Example enter or exit event

  "id": "61a9e8f3b97ef08b72520dd7_enter",
  "payload": {
    "tag": {
      "id": "7241",
      "coordinates": {
        "x": 9932,
        "y": -19651,
        "z": 5000
    "zone": {
      "id": "61a9e8f3b97ef08b72520dd7",
      "name": "PRODUCTION ZONE"
    "type": "enter",
    "timestamp": 1639047352.966

Example increase or decrease event

         "name":"PRODUCTION ZONE"

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