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Using Industrial Tags with data matrix code

All Industrial Tags shipped as of August 2022 have a data matrix code (DMC) on the front of the casing as shown below. A data matrix code is a 2D barcode, similar to a QR code but smaller and more compact, that is build up out of contrasting dark and light cells ordered in a grid. Using the DMC, it is easy to scan the tag and obtain relevant information such as the tag ID and the possible product it is linked to.

Scan the DMC

In order to use the DMC, you will need a dedicated data matrix scanner or a smartphone with a data matrix scanner app installed. Several apps can be easily found on the google play store or the apple store.

Use the DMC

The DMC can be used to link the tag to internal information stored in other (customer) applications. (e.g. order linking through ERP, planning actions via MES, ...)

When the unlinked DMC of the tag is scanned using a scanner or smartphone, you have the ability to link all sorts of information to the tag. This gives you the possibility to show location data (positions of the tag), state information and/or zone data in your ERP system (if integration is build).  It allows you to find your assets, orders or jobs without losing any time and makes it possible to automatically update the state of an order based on its position in the production facility.

Example use case

Tracking goods

Take for example that you have a storage container that you want to track in a warehouse. The container may contain different types of products or orders that have to be prepared and it is important to know what is present in each container. This is a perfect use case for the DMC tag. The tag can be attached to the container to track it. Scanning the DMC then allows you to link the necessary information to the container such as what products are inside and the status of the orders. If changes to the content happen during the process it is perfectly possible to quickly adapt this by scanning the DMC and entering the change. When the container is leaving, you can remove the tag and scan the DMC to unlink the contents again.

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