1. Plug in the 5V power adapter of the Gateway
  2. Connect the Gateway to your company network by plugging in an Ethernet cable in the LAN 2 port
  3. Connect your laptop to the Gateway by plugging in an Ethernet cable in the LAN 1 port
  4. Go to, complete the onboarding steps1, and find the IP address of the Gateway on the bottom of the Infection Insights homepage
  5. Unplug your laptop from the LAN 1 port
  6. Open your browser and surf to the IP from step 4

To enable remote support the Gateway will need internet access (through your company network), and the following network ports will need to be open:

Port numberTypeDirectionPurpose
80, 443TCPOUTHTTP(S). Enables usage of the Pozyx web application in the cloud.
123TCP/UDPIN/OUTNTP. Enables optional network system time synchronization.
1194TCP/UDPIN/OUTOpenVPN. Enables remote support by Pozyx experts.

1 You can always come back to this, so if you don't have the list of people ready yet you can also download the template and re-upload the file without adding anything in it.