During the onboarding process1 you'll be able to upload a list of employees and link each employee to their tag:

  1. Download the Microsoft Excel template
  2. Open the downloaded file and for each employee add a new row with:
    1. Person ID: A unique identifier for each person (you're free to choose this)
      Must be a positive integer
    2. Person name
      Has to start with a letter
    3. Person group: The person's department.
      Has to start with a letter
    4. Tag ID: The ID of the tag that you will give to this person. You can find the ID on the sticker on the back of each tag.
  3. An example can be found here: health&safety_template.xlsx
  4. Upload the Microsoft Excel file into the Infection Insights application and press Continue

You can always go back to the onboarding by visiting the Infection Insights application and adding /onboarding to the url

1 But also later by pressing the Add persons button on the Infection Insights homepage: