The Infection Insights web application is accessible by surfing to the IP address of your gateway. More information about this can be found on the Gateway setup page. 

To make the contact tracing data from the Tag visible in the Infection Insights web application the data needs to be sent from the Tag to the Anchor. The Anchor will then forward the data to the Gateway where it is stored and processed for the Infection Insights application. This offloading of data from the Tag to the Anchor will take place when:

  • The Tag is in range of the anchor
  • The Tag is charging
  • The Tag has at least 15% of battery

The Gateway will offload each Tag one by one: It will connect with a Tag via BLE, read out the charging state and battery level, and if the requirements are met it will start offloading the data1. If the requirements are not met it will simply disconnect and check again later. When the Gateway is connected with a Tag via BLE the Tag's LED will blink blue at a rate of 2Hz. There is one exception to this: When the tag has a BLE connection and the alarm of the tag is going off, the LED will remain solid red.

After the data is successfully offloaded (= when the Tag receives a Success message from the Gateway via the Anchor) it will be erased from the Tag. If you have set up the Infection Insights application (Infection Insights setup), and the Tag and the Tags it came into close contact with are linked to persons, you will be able to see these now:

For each contact between two Tags a weight is calculated which will determine whether a connection is shown between the two Tags and what the thickness of the line in the connection graph is. The weight is calculated based on data from the past 7 days and takes into account all the encounters between the two Tags, the duration and the proximity.

1 Offloading the data will take about 1 minute per day of contact tracing data. Note that this timing does not include setting up the BLE connection.