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Anchor alerts

The alerts from all the Pozyx devices are merged into 1 alerting stream, for which the general documentation can be found here: Gateway alerts.

There are 4 types of alerts related to the Pozyx anchors:

  • Anchor connected: The anchor has connected to the gateway.

  • Anchor disconnected: The anchor has disconnected from the gateway.

  • Anchor detected a shock: The anchor’s sensor has detected a shock.

  • Anchor’s tilt has changed: The anchor’s tilt has changed since it was last powered on.

When you receive on of the last 2 types of alerts it would be good to check up on the anchor, as it could be that it was hit by e.g. a forklift and has moved since leading to wrong coordinates on the anchor. This could impact the performance of the system.

In environments where there are lots of vibrations you might have to tweak the sensitivity of these sensors through the Settings → Alerts page:

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