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Floor plan settings

The floor plan can be edited in the Pozyx web application (Adding a floor plan). The floor plan settings and image file can also be retrieved and modified using the HTTP API. Following guidelines can help you interpret those settings:

  • The default direction ("flipped" false) of the X-axis is to the right, and downward for the Y-axis.

  • The top left corner is used as the floor plan image's origin.

  • Transformations are independent and are applied in following order:

    1. Scaling

    2. Rotation

    3. Translation

  • Rotation is applied using the Righ-hand rule. So it can be clockwise or anti-clockwise depending on the direction of the X and Y-axis.

Note: This procedure is only valid for a setting value with version 2.

The setting with key "FLOOR_PLAN" has the following structure.

  "key": "FLOOR_PLAN",
  "category": "WEBAPP",
  "version": "2",
  "value": {
    "axisXFlipped": false,
    "axisYFlipped": true,
    "file": "1592487667238-office.jpeg",
      "x": 10000, // [mm]
      "y": 20000, // [mm]
    "rotation": 0.3490658503988659, // [rad]
    "scale": 10,
    "transparency": 0.4

This setting's value is illustrated below.

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