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Installation overview

Pozyx RTLS architecture

Before getting started, it is important to review the main components of the Enterprise system. The Enterprise positioning system consists of 3 main parts:

  • A network of anchors and tags: This network consists of two types of devices: tags and anchors. The tag is a mobile device of which we want to track the position. An anchor is a device on a fixed, well-known position.

  • A local gateway: This device is the positioning server and connects to the anchors through Ethernet. It gathers all the data received from the anchors and transforms this into a position. By connecting to the gateway, you can receive the real-time positioning data.

  • The Pozyx web application: The web application is a visual interface to configure and diagnose the Pozyx system. It can be run locally from the gateway itself or from the Pozyx cloud.

Installation plan of action

We have split the installation in 3 steps:

  • Installing the gateway

  • Installing the anchors

  • Installing the tags

We very highly recommend to following this order: Most problems that occur during the installation of our RTLS are caused by faulty Ethernet cables. When you install the anchors first (without a gateway), you will only discover these issues afterwards, while if you install the gateway first, and connect the anchors to the gateway while you install them, you will get immediate feedback on the connectivity between the gateway and the anchor through the LED on the anchor (Mounting the anchors). This will allow you to immediately detect cable issues, and take direct action.

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