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Using a header for ingress protection

Pozyx Anchors can be installed with a header to provide protection against dust and water ingress. Both an IP20 and IP66/67 version of the header are available. The IP code classifies the degree of protection provided as explained here.

Preparing the cable

When using an Ethernet cable without pre-confectioned connectors, place the RJ45 connector on the Ethernet cable according to the T568B convention. Make sure that the RJ45 connectors are suited for the deployed Ethernet cable and the header.

IP20 header

Before installing the header, pull the Ethernet cables through the slits at the back of the header and plug them into the correct ethernet ports. Also do this for the DC plug if the anchor will be powered using this method. Installing the header is then as simple as attaching it to the anchor casing by pressing on it until firmly secured. Make sure the slits are oriented to the back of the anchor. There should be no air gap between the bottom of the header and the notch on top of the casing.

IP66/67 header

Start by sliding the Ethernet cable through the sealing nut of the cable gland. Also attach the cable grommet to the ethernet cable already. The Pozyx IP66/67 headers are delivered with grommets that support cables with diameter varying from 5.2 mm to 5.6mm. Only for those diameters, the prevention of water or dust ingress can be guaranteed. Make sure the thicker side of the grommet is oriented away from the cable connector and the header. The narrower side should be oriented towards the header. Now pull the cables through the openings in the header and plug them into the correct ethernet ports. The header cannot be closed with larger RJ45 connectors, make sure to use connectors that are small enough. We recommend these. Make sure the cables are installed in a crossed way. If desired the included lube (see below for specification) can be applied on the part of the header that will be inside of the anchor casing for easier unmounting. Now press the header firmly on top of the anchor. The connection pieces on the front and back of the header should slide across the slots in the casing to secure the header. This will make a distinct “clicking“ noise. Now properly push the grommets into the casing and tighten with the cable gland.

Grease information

The included lube/grease is a 1cc packet of Super Lube® Silicone Lubricating Grease with Syncolon® (PTFE). A PTFE based grease that is safe to use, environmentally friendly and protects against moisture. For more information like a technical data sheet, safety datasheet and certifications we refer to the manufacturers website.

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