Before starting with the installation of the gateway it’s important to understand the network interfaces and network requirements of the Pozyx RTLS: Network requirements.

  1. Plug in the 12V power adapter of the gateway and turn the gateway on.

  2. Connect the gateway to the internet by plugging in an ethernet cable in the uplink network port (labeled LAN1 or UPLINK).

  3. Go to the Pozyx web application:

  4. Sign up or log in to an existing account.

  5. Click on Add new setup.

  6. Choose Enterprise.

  7. Choose a name and enter the gateway ID. This can be found on the label on the gateway.

  8. Click on Add setup.

  9. You are now logged in and can continue with installing the anchors.

If the setup application indicates that it cannot find the gateway, then probably the gateway didn't connect properly to the internet. Please follow the instructions from the Installing without internet access page.