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Installing without internet access

Before starting with the installation of the gateway it’s important to understand the network interfaces and network requirements of the Pozyx RTLS: Network interfaces & requirements.


  1. Plug in the power adapter of the gateway. The standard gateway uses a 12V power adapter, the compact gateway uses a 5V power adapter. The gateway will automatically turn on. Both gateways have a LED which will turn blue to indicate that the gateway is powered on. On the standard gateway this LED is located on the front, on the compact gateway this LED is located next to the power port.

  2. Connect the gateway to your local network by plugging in an ethernet cable in the uplink network port (Network interfaces & requirements).

  3. Connect your computer to the anchor network by plugging in an ethernet cable in an anchor network port (Network interfaces & requirements).

  4. Open your browser and go to This will open the Pozyx web application running locally on your gateway. Note that it may take a few minutes for the gateway to start up before the application is available.

  5. Go to DevicesGatewayInfo and scroll down to the Uplink network section to find the details about the uplink network interface.
    By default, the gateway is configured to dynamically obtain an IP address (configured as DHCP client). Please make note of the Local IP address of the uplink network.
    If your home or company network utilizes static IP's, you can configure the gateway’s IP by clicking Edit uplink network configuration.

    If your gateway is connected to your local network and internet connectivity is available, the gateway should automatically connect to the Pozyx cloud. For a proper operation of the Pozyx system from the cloud, make sure that the correct TCP ports are opened if you are using a firewall. The Gateway: Info page in the web application will highlight the required ports in green if they are accessible, or in red otherwise.

  6. Once you have the Local IP of your gateway you can disconnect your computer from the anchor network. Regardless of whether you have access to the Pozyx cloud or not.

  7. From now on, you can access the Pozyx web application in two ways:

    • Locally1: By connecting your computer to your local network (the network attached to the gateway’s uplink network port) and surfing to the Local IP address of the gateway.

    • From the cloud: By going to Here you can create an account (or use an existing one) and link your gateway to your account. For this, you will be asked for the gateway ID that is printed on the gateway. See the instructions in Chapter 2.1 – Quick gateway setup for more info on this.
      This option will only work if your gateway has gained access to the Pozyx cloud (see step 5).

It is recommended to not use the anchor network to access the setup application once installed as this may affect system stability.

1 Note that, locally, some features of the web application are not available such as the setup validation and user management to give multiple people access to the setup application. In contrast to the cloud-based web application, your local web application is also not automatically updated, but only when you update your gateway’s software. This means that the cloud-based web application may have a different and newer version than your local one. For a more detailed explanation about the differences, check out this page.

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