Anchor LED

Information about the anchor’s LED can be found on the Mounting the anchors page.

Web application

Both from the Visualization page in the web application and from the Anchor device management page you’ll be able to see any warning or error that an anchor might have:

Anchor warnings on the Visualization page

Anchor warnings on the Anchor device management page







Red anchor icon

The anchor is either disconnected or there's a hardware failure. Hardware failures are almost always related to cabling issues as every individual anchor is tested before it leaves our production facility. Swap the anchor with an anchor that is working correctly on an other cable to confirm.


Self test failed

Orange anchor icon

There are 6 self tests in the anchor:

  • UWB

  • Network

  • Pressure sensor

  • External flash

  • Accelerometer

  • Bluetooth

If one of these tests is failing, please contact us through


No coordinates

Anchor is not shown on the visualization

The anchor needs coordinates before it can participate in positioning. Add the anchor coordinates on the SetupAnchor Coordinates page.


No network packets

Orange anchor icon

There are no network packets being received from the anchor. This can happen when the anchor is not receiving UWB packets from any tags and when it is also not synchronizing. This could be the case for a presence only anchor: A presence only anchor will not participate in the position calculation but will only indicate that a tag is in its proximity. Because it does not participate in positioning it will also not participate in the synchronization, and therefore when there are no tags nearby (and it does not receive any UWB packets), it will show this warning.


Only x% of network packets successful

Orange anchor icon

There is loss on the network. Possible reasons for this include:

  • Interference on the cable (→ it's best to use shielded cables)

  • A cable which is too long

  • A cable which is worn out

  • The buffer of the switch is overflowing because it can not handle the amount of network packets

  • The buffer(s) of the first anchor(s) in a daisy chain is/are overflowing because the total amount of UWB packets captured by the anchors on that chain is too high and the first anchor(s) can not handle the throughput


No sync packets

Orange anchor icon

The anchor is not being synchronized with the other anchors. The anchors are grouped in synchronization zones based on the result of the UWB connectivity test. Verify whether the anchor is included in a synchronization zone by toggling the Sync zones and/or Sync diagnostics layer on the Visualization page. If this is not the case you can go to the SetupAnchor connectivity page and press the Capture UWB connectivity button.


Not in use

Anchor is not shown on the visualization

The anchor is toggled out of use through the web application.