Not every installation is the same, and sometimes you will want to tweak some of the positioning settings to get the best result. You can change both the positioning settings and the UWB settings in the Settings page of the web application:

The positioning settings offer options to configure the operation of the positioning algorithm. The default settings should suffice for a lot of setups, offering a good update rate and good positioning performance.

The UWB settings let you tweak the ultra-wideband signal. Same goes here, the default settings should suffice for most setups. We recommend to not change these unless you know what you are doing. Changing the UWB settings in the web application will only configure the UWB chip on your anchors and not the UWB chip in your tags. You will have to change the UWB settings of your tags to match the new UWB settings of your anchors. This can be done with the Pozyx Device Configurator tool and is explained in the Configuring the tags section.